Editorial Team

Bechara Saab, Editor, Zurich, Switzerland (operations@hypothesisjournal.com)

Maya Boudiffa, Production Editor, Sheffield, United Kingdom (productions@hypothesisjournal.com)

Knowledge Translation
Takuro Ishikawa, Chief of Knowledge Translation, Vancouver, Canada (media@hypothesisjournal.com)
April Pawluk, Toronto, Canada

Dayra Lorenzo Mercado, Chief of Marketing, Zurich, Switzerland (marketing@hypothesisjournal.com)
Ashlee Jollymore, Vancouver, Canada
Ashutosh Mani, Allahabad, India

Michael Yuchi, Policy Editor, Vancouver, Canada, (policy@hypothesisjournal.com)

Judit Takacs, Finance Editor, Vancouver, Canada (finance@hypothesisjournal.com)

Copyediting & Proofreading
Laura Southcott, Chief Copyeditor, Chicago, USA (copyediting@hypothesisjournal.com)
Joanna Dembowy, Toronto, Canada

Layout & Graphic Design
Debbie Gordon, Chief of Design, Toronto, Canada (graphicdesign@hypothesisjournal.com)
Mayra Majano, Toronto, Canada
Kamilah Carter, Toronto, Canada

Safa Mohanna, Chief Technology Officer, Zurich, Switzerland, (technology@hypothesisjournal.com)

Art & Graphical Abstracts
Eloise Kremer, Art Director, Zurich, Switzerland (art@hypothesisjournal.com)
Kamilah Carter, Toronto, Canada

Maya Boudiffa, Features Editor, Sheffield, United Kingdom (features@hypothesisjournal.com)
Ahmed El Kaffas, Standford, USA

Section Editing
Muideen Bakare, Enugu, Nigeria
Maya Boudiffa, Sheffield, United Kingdom
James Charbonneau, Vancouver, Canada
Ahmed El Kaffas, Standford, USA
Martin Kahn, Oxford, United Kingdom
Deepak Kanojia, Chicago, USA
Angela Kelsey, Petawawa, Canada
Benedikt Krohn, Zurich, Switzerland
Lukas Kus, Toronto, Canada
Alexandra Laugerotte, Paris, France
Kelsey Law, Toronto, Canada
Dayra Lorenzo Mercado, Zurich, Switzerland
Ellen Lu, Vancouver, Canada
Ashutosh Mani, Allahabad, India
Iacovos Michael, Lausanne, Switzerland
Subramanya Pandruvada, Lexington, USA
Gaurav Sharma, Pocatello, USA
Rakesh Theeyancheri Parakadavathu, India
Saeed Shoar, Tehran, Iran
Dearbhail Starr, London, United Kingdom
Judit Takacs, Vancouver, Canada
Michael Yuchi, Vancouver, Canada

Editorial Openings (email inquiries to: operations@hypothesisjournal.com)

Business Development
Hypothesis Journal would like to welcome business savvy individuals to the Editorial Board with the mission of attracting additional financial support to maintain and expand journal operations. Successful applicants will reach out to public institutions and individual donors, highlighting the work published within the journal while drawing attention to interesting developments at Hypothesis and the unique and important niche we inhabit within the science publication sphere.

Section Editors
Hypothesis is always looking to welcome new talented Section Editors to the journal. We are particularly interested in applicants residing outside Europe and North America, as well as those located anywhere with scientific expertise in geological and earth sciences, chemistry and physics.