Top 20 Most Engaged Articles

  1. Communication in Health Care: Considerations and strategies for successful consumer and team dialogue >>
  2. Prophylactic diet: A treatment for night eating syndrome >>
  3. Mismanagement of tuberculosis in India: Causes, consequences, and the way forward >>
  4. Reducing mercury release from dental amalgam fillings and improving patient acceptability >>
  5. Cervicogenic hypertension: A possible etiology and pathogenesis of essential hypertension >>
  6. Novel stapling device for open and thoracoscopic esophageal anastomosis in congenital esophageal atresia >>
  7. Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy: The silent, long-suffering enemy >>
  8. How Does Bariatric Surgery Cure Type II Diabetes? The hypothesis of a pathogenic insulin analogue that interferes with the function of endogenous insulin causing insulin resistance and NIDDM >>
  9. The Origin of Personality types developed under selective pressures: Introducing Climatic-Adaptation Theory >>
  10. LaTeX: A genuinely better way to prepare scientific documents >>
  11. Fine Needle Aspiration Causes Iatrogenic Spread of Malignancy >>
  12. Intelligent Novel Solid Waste Management System (QEJ Bricks Biocell Approach) >>
  13. Philanthrocapitalism, past and present: The Rockefeller Foundation, the Gates Foundation, and the setting(s) of the international/global health agenda >>
  14. The homologous origin of analogous structures: A tale of an eye for an eye in evolutionary biology >>
  15. Rewiring the stress response: A new paradigm for health care >>
  16. The place and function of non-coding DNA in the evolution of variability >>
  17. The Nervous System of C. elegans: Its in vivo Visualization and Practical Applications >>
  18. Love the Rock >>
  19. Association of hypomelanotic skin disorders with autism: links to possible etiologic role of vitamin-D levels in autism? >>
  20. The Impact of Impact >>

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