Mission: To elicit healthy scientific thought by disseminating stimulating and novel scientific progress and hypotheses in any field.

What we publish: Hypothesis invites authors to submit new and thought-provoking predictions based on scientific findings or theories from any field. We aim to establish an interdisciplinary journal that swiftly publishes new, provocative, and sometimes currently untestable ideas, while preserving the free-thinking nature of the earliest scientific publications. Thus, Hypothesis favours publication of articles that go beyond reporting data or summarising a body of work, providing a vessel for thoughtful speculation and healthy debate where authors can freely articulate their most exciting ideas. Moreover, by challenging authors to create intriguing hypotheses concerning their reviewed or original research, Hypothesis is committed to publishing entertaining articles suitable for all readers.

Who we are: The Hypothesis editorial team is a global network of academics. Most journal activities, including evaluating manuscripts and handling the external review process, are done on a volunteer basis by members of this academic team. Hypothesis is thus able to maintain an open-access publication model without charging any publication fees, all whilst adhering to a strict external process of peer-review. The journal thus helps level the playing field for researchers around the world, irrespective of local infrastructure or financial resources.

Want to take part? Motivated individuals aspiring to become a part of the Hypothesis initiative are welcomed to contact the Editor at operations@hypothesisjournal.com. The journal is continually interested in working with new handling editors, graphic designers, webmasters, and those with experience in marketing, fundraising and social media. Some positions come with modest financial compensation, made possible by our generous financial supporters.

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