Figure 3

Figure 3: Paintings of the world, twins and spirits. (top) The circles of this estimated 10,000 year-old cave carving have many interpretations. A spiritual owner of Ayers Rock told Schmidt-Derstroff that they represent a land map of the world, guiding tribes from one water hole to the next by a day’s walk. (inset) Arial photo of a water hole in the Autralian desert. (bottom left) X-ray-style pictograph of a woman in the birthing position with twins in her womb. Twins were considered by some tribes to bring bad luck back and were buried in the sand at birth. (bottom right) The first-ever photograph of a Wandjina head regarded by the local aborigines as the spirit creator of Kimberley. This Wandjina cave painting has been preserved for thousands of years behind a protective stone.

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